What Is A Strabismus And How Is It Corrected

In Singapore, children are most likely to develop strabismus. This condition is more common among children who are born prematurely. The following are details about what the condition is and how the Shinagawa Eye Clinic Singapore corrects.

What is Strabismus?

It is a condition of the eye that causes the misalignment of the eye. In most cases, it affects one of the eyes and causes it to turn inward or outward. For some patients, it affects both eyes. Patients who are diagnosed with this condition are at risk for amblyopia which is severe vision damage due to the focus of the eye.


How is the Surgery Completed?

The doctor provides an anesthetic to numb the eyelids. They use specialized tools to open the eye gently and enable them to identify the affected muscle in the eye. The doctor performs a small incision into the conjunctiva. Next, the muscle is separated from the eye and then reconnected in a different position. The procedure doesn’t involve the cutting of the eye, and the sutures used dissolve over time.

How Long Does it Take?

The complexity of the condition and if it affected both eyes determines the length of the surgery. This duration ranges from a period of thirty minutes up to two hours. The procedure is conducted as an outpatient procedure at a local Eye Clinic.

Are There Any Associated Risks?

The risks of the surgery include bleeding, retinal detachment, vision loss, and possible infections. The eye may maintain some redness during the healing process. The patient may experience pain from an abrasion of the cornea, develop scar tissue, or form a cyst in the treated area. Any of these adverse effects should be reported to the surgeon immediately.

Discharge and After-Care Instructions

The doctor provides pain medication and antibiotics after the surgery. The patient should avoid direct sunlight for the first two days and should avoid eating for at least one hour. They are typically discharged within two hours after the surgery. The patient must apply eye ointment to the treated area as directed by their doctor. Cool compresses may also be used to manage pain and swelling.

In Singapore, children visit an Eye Doctor to diagnose adverse conditions of the eye. The clinicians provide surgical procedures when necessary to improve the patient’s vision. Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. Patients who need surgery should contact an Eye Clinic in Singapore providing Cataract Surgery today.

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